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Keeping Rail Projects on Track


Help rail projects achieve predictable outcomes

In an increasingly fast-changing world, there has been a monumental shift in the way people live, work, and shop. These factors, combined with increased urbanization and new environmental and social initiatives, are leading authorities to rethink the future of transportation and the technology used to better manage rail projects.

In this ebook, you will read about eight innovative technology initiatives including:

  • The value of digitized information management
  • Efficiencies of an integrated technology ecosystem
  • Simplifying IT and improving data security
  • Operational insights and the power of AI
  • Optimizing capital budgets and portfolio planning
  • Synchronizing project delivery
  • Simplifying contract administration and payments
  • Embracing digital twins

Project Controls

Maximize Program Value

Choosing the right projects, ensuring transparency and security
Capital Management

Optimize Capital Budgets

Make the most of your capital budget by leveraging data and insights
Scheduling and task management

Six-Step Guide

Meet your strategic goals by making the right decisions